4th Dimension Sobriety INC is a 501C3 nonprofit.


Our Mission

4th Dimension Sobriety Inc is a sober living community that provides a safe, structured and supportive environment for those seeking freedom from alcohol and drugs. Through a guided individualized approach, community members rebuild their lives and find their inner peace. 


Our Vision

Our vision is for community members living lives, grounded in the principles of the 12 Steps of Recovery. They will have a great sense of purpose and consciousness in themselves and others, as they resume a vital role within their families and society.

We Believe In:

  • Personal development with the help of recovering staff members who’ve successfully overcome the same challenges.

  • Increased stability with carefully planned and structured scheduling to help improve every aspect of life.

  • Motivation and stronger commitment in an encouraging and positive environment.

  • Stronger discipline generated by a system which requires personal accountability.

  • Independence from a program that teaches and eventually requires self-sufficiency.

  • Affordability allowing virtually all addicts and alcoholics to participate.

  • Regular and random drug testing to assure ongoing compliance.

  • Deep, challenging and intense programs to generate substantive progress and results.


3 Month Program

4th Dimension 3 month sober living program works in conjunction with 4th Dimension Recovery’s treatment center. While living in 4th Dimension’s sober housing community, residents will progress through multiple stages of treatment at the center. Treatment will include Day Treatment, intensive outpatient program (IOP), and aftercare. 

The Sober Living Environment also plays a key role in allowing clients to master important life skills that will serve, and assist, them after they have completed their treatment plan.

After completing this program, community members have an option of participating in our 6 month program.

6 Month Program

4th Dimension 6 month program is a non-institutional aftercare environment. Our objective is to provide a safe and secure community for men and women, 18 and up, who seek a life free from drugs and alcohol. The essence of this program is rooted in the 12-steps of recovery. Residents communally live, and work, with one another as they build a firm foundation for a life of happiness, peace, and usefulness. 

Community members are expected to transition in becoming useful and productive members of society. Therefore, Community members are asked to work, or find work, during the day. Click here to see a typical day at 4D.

4th Dimension 6 month program is a nonprofit 501c3 (4th Dimension Sobriety Inc)