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Clinical Treatment


At 4th Dimension Recovery Center’s medical team utilizes a holistic approach in treatment that both complements and builds on the unique needs of the individual.  We bring up-to-date knowledge on the most current research with an emphasis on the vital, basic building blocks in each of us necessary for the body, mind, and spirit to all work together as one.  Upon admission, our clients receive a full psychiatric assessment to determine if any underlying psychiatric disorders may be complicating their ability to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Additionally, our clients also receive thorough physical examinations, in addition to wellness and nutritional screenings to identify any concerns that may also need to be addressed during treatment.  In conjunction with this, full laboratory analyses are then conducted to identify any irregularities present in vitamin levels, thyroid function, liver and kidney function, lipid and glucose levels, as well as adrenal function and sex hormone levels.

Here at 4th Dimension, we understand the connection between these physiological components and the related issues they may precipitate in an individual’s ability to maintain sobriety.  Our medical staff not only utilizes various allopathic forms of treatment, they also monitor and provide any vitamins, minerals, botanicals, or herbs necessary to bring the body back into a balanced state.

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Evidence-Based Practice

When seeking treatment for addiction or mental health needs – or both – it is important to know the type of treatment you will be receiving.  Just as there are a variety of medical health care providers out there to assist you from psychologists to social workers, there are also a variety of treatment types available.  However, some are better than others, but more importantly, only some come with the scientific support to prove it.

That’s why at 4th Dimension, you’ll only find “Evidence-Based Practice” or EBP, being used.  The difference between EBPs and other forms of treatment is that EBPs come with the backing of both the American Psychiatric Association as well as the American Psychological Association and have been shown to be among the most effective addiction and mental health treatments we have to date.  EBPs have been studied and shown to be more effective for individuals in need, both short- and long-term, when compared to a variety of other forms of treatment that are available.  That is  exactly the reason we have chosen to provide this type of care.