Kristen Wick

I am Kristen, Mom to two amazing kids, Registered Nurse, and living my passion through teaching yoga.  Yoga sparked my curiosity in high school and I remember trying to mirror the images from a book that I purchased (I was best at Savasana, haha). In 2006 I began exploring yoga classes and within a few years I found alignment based yoga and Iyengar classes. This practice deeply resonated with me and allowed me to feel an unparalleled sense of inner contentment. In the years to follow, I personally experienced the healing powers of yoga in some difficult circumstances and credit the practice to transforming my inner and outer world.  I knew I had to share this knowledge with others and was inspired to become a yoga teacher.

I completed a 200 hour Alignment based teacher training with Santosh Yoga in 2014 and a 300 therapeutic training in 2016. During the teacher training I felt a desire to combine my nursing and yoga knowledge to serve an at risk population,  but was unclear on the direction. In 2016, following a yoga retreat  with Father Joe in India, I got clarity and accepted a RN position at Meta House, a residential treatment facility for women overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. Part of my role involved teaching yoga four days per week as part of the group treatment program. When my time at Meta House came to an end, I realized the positive impact of yoga in the recovery process and identified a need for a dedicated class in the community. Within a short time I started a Yoga for Recovery class at The Pink House, which has since expanded to two classes per week. 

I am deeply and continuously inspired by the individuals I serve in recovery and  their family/friends who are impacted. I am grateful to be part of their journey toward healing through the exploration and practice of yoga. I am especially grateful to Father Joe Pereira. He is the founder of the Kripa foundation, which uses Yoga as an integral part of assisting individuals with drug and alcohol addiction and rehabilitation of individuals afflicted by HIV/AIDS.  I honor and admire his work, which inspires my teaching and serves as a powerful example of what is possible through yoga. 


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